Design Development Architects

a design and development consultancy. 

Our Story

Founded in 2005 by good friends and former co-workers, Ron Hoina and Mark Schulman, Design Development is an architectural and consulting firm located in White Plains, New York. 


Ron and Mark decided the best way to build their business was to secure the best staff they could find – people who shared their commitment to excellence.  So starting small, in one room, they worked around the clock cultivating relationships and reaching out to the highly talented architects, designers, and project managers they’d collaborated with over the years. Their efforts paid off.  Because so much of the staff had worked together before, they were able to hit the ground running – and the firm grew quickly.  Today, Design Development efficiently and expertly produces thousands of projects of all types and sizes for hundreds of local and national clients.


"We have become a trusted partner to our clients, someone they call year-after-year, if not for the next job then to bounce ideas off of..."  Mark Schulman, AIA